November 29, 2023

Unveiling The Choice: Why Some Artists Don’t Use Numbing Cream

Unveiling The Choice: Why Some Artists Don't Use Numbing Cream

In the world of tattooing and various artistic procedures, the use of numbing cream to minimize discomfort is a common practice. However, you might come across tattoo artists who choose not to use numbing cream during their work. This choice often stems from a combination of factors that shape their artistic philosophy and the tattooing experience they aim to provide. Let’s delve into why some artists opt not to use numbing cream such as j-pro cream and the insights behind their decisions.

Preserving the authentic experience:

For some tattoo artists, the tactile experience and the sensations of tattooing are integral to the authenticity of the process. They believe that experiencing the pain associated with tattooing is part of the journey, contributing to the emotional connection an individual has with their tattoo. By foregoing numbing cream, these artists aim to create a more immersive and authentic tattooing experience.

Artistry and technique:

Tattooing is not only about the result but also about the artistic process itself. Some artists believe that the sensation of pain can influence their technique and artistry. The physical feedback they receive from the client’s reactions to pain can impact their hand movement, pressure, and precision. This connection between the artist’s hand and the canvas (skin) plays a significant role in creating unique and personalized tattoos.

Communication and trust:

Tattooing involves a close collaboration between the artist and the client. Some artists prioritize open communication and trust-building throughout the process. They believe that facing the pain together fosters a stronger connection between the artist and the client. This bond can result in a more satisfying tattooing experience and a deeper appreciation for the final artwork.

Artist’s aesthetic preference:

Art is subjective, and each artist has their style and aesthetic preference. Some artists feel that numbing cream can affect the texture of the skin and alter the canvas they work on. They prefer working on skin that retains its natural texture, allowing them to achieve their desired visual effects.

Challenging personal boundaries:

For both the artist and the client, tattooing can be an opportunity to challenge personal boundaries and embrace discomfort. Some artists view the process as an exercise in pushing past physical and emotional limits, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Not a universal choice:

It’s important to note that the choice not to use numbing cream is not universal among all tattoo artists. Many artists opt for numbing cream to provide comfort and ease for their clients, especially for larger or more intricate designs that require longer sessions.